Day 1 of Halloween Challenge/Inktober; Theme-Fall Leaves

This ended up going better than I thought lol. Hopefully I’ll get better with ink this month teAet

Drawing Challenge

Saw a wonderful batch of doodles of this jerk and then went on a nostalgia trip of sorts…and then I drew him myself 8’D

I was experimenting around with nose style again and wanted to see how it would look with shading and then this happened. I’m pretty proud of how it turned out and yet a little confused myself over what happened.

Hi I’ve been feeling like reviving this blog so prepare to see a small stream of stuff again.

Was talking to a friend about rwby and then didn’t feel like sleeping so I drew an Adam

I blame watching the panty and stocking dub for this 8’D

new icon for main blog. I have found that I have no idea how to cel shade noses :I


Nothing like experimenting with art programs and drawing with a mere mouse. 8’D

Left is soft shading, right is painted shading.


Got bored and wanted to see if it was possible to adapt an aegislash gijinka based on cultures other than european 8’D


December 7- Favorite Fire Type-Arcanine

Technically not my number one favorite, but I didn’t feel like drawing that pokemon in particular more than once for this challenge ;D


December 6- Favorite Fighting Type- Blaziken

Technically, there are two others that are above it, but those are reserved for later days |’D


December 5- Favorite Fairy Type- Gardevoir

Apologies for the not so great quality on this lol. Just wanted to get straight to coloring 8’D